Future Growth Prospects of Pakistani Real Estate Industry

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Despite many problems and challenges, Real Estate sector in Pakistan have reached great heights especially in Lahore and Islamabad over the last decade. This industry has much potential, as the population of Pakistan is increasing and relative economic stability is observed at present and in the past few years.

Agriculture is the largest industry of Pakistan and Real estate sector is second. It is a multi-billion rupees industry which contributes 2% to our total GDP.

Real Estate is the backbone of urban economy. After the current peaceful and terrorism free situation of Pakistan, now many investors and financial institutions are also ready to spend more in different housing schemes all over the Pakistan, as the standard of living is increasing day by day. Not everyone buys a plot to construct a house for living, people buy it for earning profits, as the prices of plots rose incredibly in last few years.

Hence, scope of Pakistani Real Estate industry is very high and it is all set to achieve great results in coming years.

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