Defence Housing Authority DHA, Karachi

DHA, Karachi

Among all the residential areas in Karachi, Defence Housing Authority is one of the best places to live. DHA is administrated by PAK Army which was developed for current and retired Army personnel. This society came into existence in 1980 and covers a land of 8852 acres.

It provides all the facilities of life to its residents and the investment in DHA has been fruitful and profitable. It is a high class residential area, which offers all basic amenities of life. A committee is formed, who look after organizational affairs for smooth running.

For making it easy, DHA is further divided into many phases, all having special network of streets and lanes.

– Normal Street lanes in Phase IV, V, VI, VII and VIII.
– Commercial Street lanes in Phase IV.
– Zamzama streets in Phase V.
– South, North, Central streets in Phase-1, Phase-II, and Phase-II (Extension).
– Sunset streets in Phase-II.

It has many road links which connect DHA society with other societies. DHA housing Scheme is offering elite class living for financially strong people, which is not affordable by everyone. It has carpeted roads for relax driving, with green belts and lush green parks. Commercial markets are available in every sector to provide comfortable living.

DHA is located on Korangi road, Karachi. It has road links with Shahrah-a-Faisal and Creek Road. Due to its location, it is and ideal place for living and investing. The investment done in DHA Karachi, will give good profits in future. Although the prices are high, but it seems nothing when you look at the clean environment and healthy atmosphere.

A 6 star Hotel is under construction in Phase VIII of DHA, Karachi (First 6 star hotel in Pakistan), which will be completed in May – 2017. Many community centers have been built here and Defence club is one of the best places in Karachi. It offers all the entertainment facilities like swimming, courts, indoor games, fitness center, etc.

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, millions of people live here. It is a well-populated city and that’s why many housing schemes are under construction here. It is a fact that people from all over Pakistan travel to Karachi as it has good sea ports and all the modern amenities.

DHA has made its name all over Pakistan, with introducing its housing schemes in all the major cities of Pakistan. The popularity of this society is known to everyone as it’s an ideal place for living.