Future Growth Prospects of Islamabad Real Estate Industry

Real Estate is the second largest industry of Pakistan, which plays an important role in the economy. Despite of the problems faced by this property market, it is still doing well and can perform better if some issues affecting this sector are resolved.

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad:
Excellent infrastructure, rapid growth and development, world-class business opportunities and other facilities of life have attracted both foreign and national investors here in Islamabad. The city has everything which give you peace of mind and luxuries of life.

Many housing schemes are launched in last few years which have attracted the people including Bahria Town, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Gulberg Greens, etc. These places are best for living as well as future investment.
There are thousands of property dealers working in Islamabad. This area has always minimized risks and maximized the returns.

Some of the other new projects introduced recently in Islamabad which have good potential are, Green City, Zartaj Housing Scheme, Top city, Commoners, Sky Garden and Graceland Housing Scheme.

Attractive Housing Societies for Investment in Lahore

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Lahore is one of the fastest growing cities in the world let alone Pakistan. And in this amazing growth, real estate sector is playing a very crucial role as it is attracting investors from both within and outside Pakistan. Lahore real estate has produced incredible results over the last decade and it is expected to do the same in coming years.

Below are some very attractive housing societies for potential high-return investment in the beautiful city of Lahore,

1- Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

2- Bahria Town

3- Valencia Town

4- Model Town

5- Gulberg

Future Growth Prospects of Karachi Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate industry is one of the largest growing sectors in Pakistan, which has faced many ups and downs in the past. Karachi Real Estate industry has also faced many challenges in last three decades, but it is getting smoother day by the day. It seems that future of this business is bright and great and people are ready to invest for future profits.

Many new housing schemes are introduced and these are well supported by the Government, which will give fruitful results. It is much better than past and Karachi is going to be on top, with the passage of time. The future is pleasing and many buyers are available. People are now comfortable to invest here to great extent.

Although political violence, terrorism and criminal activities has affected this sector a lot in the past, but overall situation has improved significantly over the last few years. And also due to many new well-developed and world-class societies and projects, the local Real Estate industry is growing rapidly and property demand is on the rise.

Ten Most Popular Residential Projects (Housing Societies) in Pakistan over the Last Decade

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Pakistan is a developing country, which is doing great efforts for its economic stability. In last few years, it was facing property slump. Many property problems arose in Pakistan. Eventually a boom comes and the real estate sector is growing again, showing positive aspects in our economy. Various housing schemes are introduced which are luxurious and beautiful. Here comes the list:

1) Bahria Town:
It is the most successful housing project in Pakistan with it centers at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and ongoing projects at Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Sukkhur, Nawab shah and Peshawar. The success lies in the fact, that it is a perfect blend of traditional and latest amenities. Malik Riaz has given a luxurious lifestyle with a peaceful environment, which is none other than Bahria town.

2) DHA (Defence Housing Authority):
DHA society is basically for Army officers and it is built by Pakistan Army. The houses are well developed, modern and high standard. For the people who want modern and expensive living, DHA scheme is the best option. It has major projects in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It has lots of parks and markets.

3) Royal Residencia:
If you want comfortable, peaceful and modern environment, Royal Residencia is the answer. Affordability is the key to success of this Residential project. The planned construction, green surroundings and luxury, all comes in affordable price. It has variety of sectors which have 8-12 Marla houses.

4) Askari Housing Scheme:
Security, proper planning and excellent setup, all comes in one. It was first society built for retired Army officers, but due to its best security system, it is regarded as one of the best societies of Pakistan, as security is main issue now days. It has its projects at Lahore and Rawalpindi.

5) Faazia Housing Scheme:
It has modern luxurious lifestyle which provides innovative way of living. This scheme is created by Pakistan Air force [PAF]. It has its centers at all major cities of Pakistan.

6) City Housing Scheme (Gujranwala):
It is located at the prime location on Canal road with facilities like parks, Schools, Hospitals and markets. It has modern life style with full proof security system, which is perfectly managed.

7) Canal View Housing Scheme (Faisalabad):
It is located at the side of Canal with lush green landscape. It is also a top rated housing scheme of Faisalabad because of its peaceful, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

8) Eden Housing Scheme (Sargodha):
It is located on the By-Pass road, Sargodha, having all facilities of today’s lifestyle. Big Parks, Ideal markets and peaceful environment, makes it to get top position in housing schemes of Pakistan.

9) Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society:
It has its projects in Lahore, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. It has been constructed to facilitate the government employees.

10) WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society:
It has its centers in Lahore, Multan and Gujranwala. It is a well-developed society with lots of facilities in it.

All these residential projects have contributed a lot in raising our economy and to change the lifestyle of our citizens.

Challenges and Problems Faced by Pakistani Real Estate Industry

Pakistan real estate is a growing industry that is in demand throughout the year. Although, there are many problems faced by it and the real estate business, but still many overseas Pakistani are attracted to it. This sector can perform much better in future if some problems are looked upon.

Political Instability:
It is the root cause of all the major problems in Pakistan since 1947, military and democracy rules side by side. This country can never choose its rulers by itself. Perhaps, real estate of Pakistan has suffered the most due to political problems. The problems associated with Martial Law have severely affected it again and again.

Like many other sectors, property dealings are also not regarded as a clean profession. The reputation of this industry is greatly affected due to misconduct of some agents. The buyers and sellers are not sure about the credibility and hardly trust on anyone. However, now truth and honesty is practiced somehow from last few years.

The new property tax law has been introduced and strictly implemented, which has badly affected this sector. Businesses fall under the parameters of this tax. These taxes are applied on both residential and commercial centre. Due to these taxes, real estate market has slow down.

Instability in security like violence, terrorism and robbery has affected this sector in past few years. People living overseas do not feel comfortable when they think to invest here, to some extent.