Top Picks for Investment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the second largest and one of the most vibrant cities of Sindh, which has population of more than two million people. It is a very unique city, with great history. Hyderabad has many places to visit and it attracts tourists from all around the country. Hyderabad Real Estate industry has shown good growth over the last decade and future prospects are also very good.

Below are our top picks for potentially result-oriented investment in the beautiful city of Hyderabad,

1- GOR Colony
2- Doctors Colony
3- Ammar City

Problems Faced by Faisalabad Real Estate Industry and Its Future Growth Prospects

Faisalabad is one of the rapidly growing cities of Pakistan with great investment potential. It has seen launch of many quality housing schemes and some mega commercial projects over the last decade or so.

Problems Faced by Local Real Estate Industry:

During previous Governments tenure, this city has faced many challenges. Many developers constructed Housing Schemes but could not attract buyers. Energy crisis in this area was one of the major reasons for investing. It seems to be a risky business, and investors were not ready to invest further. Although it was an industrial estate, but due to lack of proper facilities, people were hesitate to invest here.

Finally after so many years, the trend changed and like other major cities of Pakistan, Faisalabad also got interest of the people.

Future of Faisalabad Real Estate:

In just three months, prices of property in this city have increased from 50% to 70%. The rates are rising at rapid phase and investors have huge hope.

They are confident and relaxed about the security issues. Many new investors and businessmen are pouring money into the sector, to utilize this wonderful opportunity. The new projects are launched and rapid developments are made in every society. Good locations for buying a home or for future investments are:

– Old City center.
– New City Center.
– Areas near all important road links.

It has a great potential and give high yields returns in future. Faisalabad has always considered as center of attraction for business lovers. It is among the populated cities of Pakistan. You can find all commercial and residential plots here. Beautiful luxurious houses are constructed in all societies, for elite class living.

The development is increasing day by day and coming years seems to be excellent for investment. It is the time, if you are planning to live in this city, buy your property now because it will be very beneficial for your future.

Although, this industry has faced few problems in last few years, but time has changed and now it is one of the developed and modern cities of Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? Faisalabad is among the best places of Pakistan.

Top Picks for Investment in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the largest and leading industrial city of Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing cities of the country with great population. Recent years have seen rapid development in the city, with many new housing societies and commercial projects launched in that time.

Below are our top picks for potentially high-return investment in the ever-growing city of Faisalabad,

1- Citi Housing Scheme
2- Wapda City
3- Sitara Colony
4- Eden Garden
5- Abdullah Garden

Problems Faced by Quetta Real Estate Industry and Its Future Growth Prospects

Quetta, the city of orchards, is now somewhat turning into a concrete jungle like many other big cities in Pakistan. It has experienced some problems over the years after becoming provincial capital. Refugees from Afghanistan and people from tribal areas of Pakistan have put unbearable burden on Quetta. The residential areas of this city have turned into huge commercial plazas, hotels and multi-storied malls. It lacks parking facilities due to on-going massive construction work.

Problems Faced by Real Estate Sector in Quetta:

The Law and Order Situation: The situation of law and order in the city have not been very good historically (but now however it has improved considerably and continues to do so).
Security: Crime rate in the city is relatively high which in the past has resulted in people hesitating to invest here. But now situation is improving in this regard as well.
Water Crisis: The electricity connections with the tube-wells were disconnected by QESCO, which created problems for the residents.

Future Growth Prospects of Quetta Real Estate:

It is no doubt that despite all these problems, Quetta has developed a lot. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Pakistan. Commercial activities are observed in every area. It has variety of commercial areas and buildings, which has increased business opportunities for everyone.

Future of this city is great in Real Estate sector because many companies are ready to launch their projects here. Property prices are rising and it’s a good sign. Top locations where you can buy or rent a commercial property in this city include areas such as, Zarghun Road, Sariab Road, Samungli Road, Baleli Road, Quetta Road and N-25 National Highway, which are all famous business roads.

Good Residential areas include City Center, areas surrounding City Center and Quetta Cantonment. These are good areas for investment purposes because of potential high returns in future. The profits are likely to be high because prices are on the lower side comparing with other major cities.

Quetta has always attracted tourists from all around the country and it is a beautiful hill station for living. Now that the security situation of the city is really improving, it is great time to invest in the local real estate.

Top Picks for Investment in Quetta

Quetta, capital city of Baluchistan and a beautiful hill station, is rightfully called city of orchards. This gorgeous city has faced some problems in the past two decades but now the situation has improved considerably. And as a result Real Estate activities are booming in the city and it is recapturing attention of investors from around the country.

Below are our top picks for potentially high-return investment in the scenic and growing city of Quetta,

1- Quetta Cantt
2- City Center
3- Zarghun Road
4- Sariab Road

Challenges Faced by Peshawar Real Estate Industry and Its Future Growth Prospects

Peshawar, Capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is a very beautiful city. Unfortunately the law and order situation of this city have seen ups and down. The security issues have lowered the interest of people in real estate sector. The disturbing peaceful environment have caused the investors to invest it in other cities for several years in past.

Investment in Peshawar Real Estate

Well, the situation is changing in this city now. The operation carried out in the areas nearby is restoring peace in the region. The security conditions are getting better day by day. The rates of property are increasing and it seems that now people are ready to invest here. Peshawar is a fine city for all property transactions including residential purposes.

It is the time to make investment in this city because many projects have been launched in this area.
The city has developed a lot and there are many factors which attract the investors to invest here including.

– Uninterrupted Gas supply.
– Limited load shedding
– Availability of CNG.
– Good Infrastructure.

All these factors have gained the importance of house buyers property investors from all over the country.
In addition to this, before in this city, the “Patwari” Culture was common, now the steps have been taken by the provincial government to fix the irregularities in property transactions. This has further increased the interest of buyers. Although it will take some time to make it excellent model city and set new trends, still a lot has achieved up till now.

Housing Societies in Peshawar

It is one of the fastest developing cities of Pakistan. It has better facilities and good employment opportunities. Most popular housing societies in this city for both investment and living are University Town Peshawar, Regi Model town, overseas Pakistan, foundation colony, Hayatabad, Gulbahar and DHA ( Defense housing Authority). Any real estate investment done in these areas will be fruitful and will provide high profits. It is also good news that all these housing scheme and upcoming projects including Bahria town are launching soon.

Therefore, it is a great city to invest for future projects and many people are interested to buy property in Peshawar, KPK. Real Estate Advisors are really hopeful that the future of this sector is bright in Peshawar and many new investors along with the old ones will invest here.

Top Picks for Investment in Peshawar

With law and order situation improving slowly but surely, Peshawar is perhaps one of the most high potential real estate markets in Pakistan. Rapid growth and development has resulted in this beautiful city being one of the prime attractions for investors around the country. Many new residential and commercial Real Estate projects have been started in the city which are great for futuristic investment.

Below are our top picks for potentially high-return investment in the gorgeous city of Peshawar,

1- Hayatabad
2- DHA
3- Gulbahar Colony
4- University Town
5- Model Town

Future Growth Prospects of Islamabad Real Estate Industry

Real Estate is the second largest industry of Pakistan, which plays an important role in the economy. Despite of the problems faced by this property market, it is still doing well and can perform better if some issues affecting this sector are resolved.

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad:
Excellent infrastructure, rapid growth and development, world-class business opportunities and other facilities of life have attracted both foreign and national investors here in Islamabad. The city has everything which give you peace of mind and luxuries of life.

Many housing schemes are launched in last few years which have attracted the people including Bahria Town, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Gulberg Greens, etc. These places are best for living as well as future investment.
There are thousands of property dealers working in Islamabad. This area has always minimized risks and maximized the returns.

Some of the other new projects introduced recently in Islamabad which have good potential are, Green City, Zartaj Housing Scheme, Top city, Commoners, Sky Garden and Graceland Housing Scheme.

Challenges and Problems Faced by Islamabad Real Estate Industry

Although, the real estate sector has always gained interest of buyers and sellers in Pakistan especially in the modern and growing city of Islamabad, there are some factors which has effected the growth of this industry here.

Islamabad’s property market has experienced slow activity and depressed prices in the last few years. It seems to be improving in 2014 and the current year. Political instability has affected Pakistan’s economy as well as the real estate sector.

The threat of Martial Laws over the past decades, the recent protests by political parties, has negatively effected the business activities in the city. The property prices fluctuate a lot due to these problems which discourage the investors.

Taxation is also a major issue, before it was doing well but heavy taxes on property has slowed down the process to an extent. These are some major challenges but still Islamabad Real Estate remains and will be a prime attraction for investors in the country.

Top Picks for Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad, the most modern and capital city of Pakistan, is one of the fastest growing areas in the region which provides great business opportunities and has proven to be a prime attraction for investors. This city is under Federal Government and offers ideal quality of living.

We have seen launch of many world-class housing societies in Islamabad in the last decade or so. Below are our top picks for investment in the beautiful and modern city of Islamabad,

1- DHA

2- Margalla View Housing Scheme


4- Wapda Town

5- AWT Housing Scheme

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