Future Growth Prospects of Islamabad Real Estate Industry

Real Estate is the second largest industry of Pakistan, which plays an important role in the economy. Despite of the problems faced by this property market, it is still doing well and can perform better if some issues affecting this sector are resolved.

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad:
Excellent infrastructure, rapid growth and development, world-class business opportunities and other facilities of life have attracted both foreign and national investors here in Islamabad. The city has everything which give you peace of mind and luxuries of life.

Many housing schemes are launched in last few years which have attracted the people including Bahria Town, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Gulberg Greens, etc. These places are best for living as well as future investment.
There are thousands of property dealers working in Islamabad. This area has always minimized risks and maximized the returns.

Some of the other new projects introduced recently in Islamabad which have good potential are, Green City, Zartaj Housing Scheme, Top city, Commoners, Sky Garden and Graceland Housing Scheme.

Challenges and Problems Faced by Islamabad Real Estate Industry

Although, the real estate sector has always gained interest of buyers and sellers in Pakistan especially in the modern and growing city of Islamabad, there are some factors which has effected the growth of this industry here.

Islamabad’s property market has experienced slow activity and depressed prices in the last few years. It seems to be improving in 2014 and the current year. Political instability has affected Pakistan’s economy as well as the real estate sector.

The threat of Martial Laws over the past decades, the recent protests by political parties, has negatively effected the business activities in the city. The property prices fluctuate a lot due to these problems which discourage the investors.

Taxation is also a major issue, before it was doing well but heavy taxes on property has slowed down the process to an extent. These are some major challenges but still Islamabad Real Estate remains and will be a prime attraction for investors in the country.

Top Picks for Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad, the most modern and capital city of Pakistan, is one of the fastest growing areas in the region which provides great business opportunities and has proven to be a prime attraction for investors. This city is under Federal Government and offers ideal quality of living.

We have seen launch of many world-class housing societies in Islamabad in the last decade or so. Below are our top picks for investment in the beautiful and modern city of Islamabad,

1- DHA

2- Margalla View Housing Scheme


4- Wapda Town

5- AWT Housing Scheme