Gas Shortage Crisis and Alternative Home Heating Solutions for Homeowners in Pakistan

Most families across Pakistan have eventually realized, how increasing gas prices and shortage issue is depriving them of their hard earned money. Consequently, most of them have started exploring efficient ways to heat their homes in winters. In fact, several property owners, when looking to build a new home, often turn up to their professional construction companies in Lahore to seek advice on home heating.

Keeping this in view, Amer Adnan Associates has compiled a list of few feasible alternatives to natural gas heating:

1- LPG Gas

LPG gas seems to be the most viable choice in the absence of natural gas during peak winter season. But, high demand for LPG gas skyrockets the prices and often chokes the sales in major provinces of Pakistan such as Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Thanks to black-marketers and profiteers who jumps in to take undue advantage of the situation.

It is for this reason, a lot of people have started using electric heaters in their homes.

2- Electric Heaters

The electric heater is another mean to keep the homes warm during winters. However, this method produces more CO2, and it’s not easy on the pocket, considering the current rates of electricity and the amount of electricity such heaters consume.

3- Inverter Air Conditioners

Inverter air conditioners, however, are eyeing to change this notion. The new breed of air conditioners is all the rage these days. As, nearly all the major appliance manufacturers in the country are claiming to be using the DC inverter technology in their ACs. This novel technology in ACs can reduce your electricity expense by 50 to 70 percent and that too without compromising on the consumer experience.

The best part about inverter ACs is they come pack with both cooling and heating functions. This seems to be a good investment for homeowners as, unlike their predecessors the inverter ACs soothe users both in summers and winters. Manufacturers suggest that an inverter AC consumes 2.5 Amperes in normal condition and 9.5 Amperes in extreme conditions.

Their normal electricity usage is way less than conventional ACs and they work just fine on low voltage as well. Together all these features make inverter ACs a good substitute of gas heaters.

But, what about water heating?

4- Instant Water Heaters/Geysers

Instant water heater/geyser solves your water heating problem without any hitch. Not only they are widely available in the country, you can also get them in different sizes, having the capacity to store six liters to 100 liters of water. Pick one that best meets your need.

The best thing about these geysers is most of them come pack with built in timers and automatic ignition systems, which empower property owners to make great savings. Furthermore, you can install the small electric water geysers inside your bathrooms as they look great and instantly provide warm water with just the right pressure.

5- Solar Water Geysers

Solar water geysers are swiftly gaining popularity among homeowners. Especially, the ones living in localities where residents are either haunted by low gas pressure or have completely no access to it at all throughout the year. The solar water heaters use sunlight to heat up the water.

The energy efficient geyser directly relies on natural convection phenomenon in which warm water rises and circulate through the flat plate collector and through to the tank. In the meantime, cooler water flows downwards from the tank into the absorber, which stirs the circulation throughout the system.

To install the system, all you need is a roof that is open from the south east and south west side, so you can install the solar water heater without any hassle. In fact, Sui Northern Gas Company (SNGPL) is now offering solar water geysers on easy installments.

Word of Advice

A professional architecture company in Lahore would greatly help you pick the best home heating solution for a new construction. Since they consider different factors, including space, position, site, etc. prior suggesting a solution to the clients.

Problems Faced by Hyderabad Real Estate Industry and Its Future Growth Prospects

Hyderabad Real Estate industry is growing rapidly and it is in demand throughout the year. There are still few problems which property sector is facing in Hyderabad as well.

Problems Faced By Real Estate Sector in Hyderabad:

– Political Instability:
It is the root cause of all the problems in every sector in Pakistan. Property industry has been severely affected by it and due to it people hesitate to invest.

– Corruption:
This profession is not regarded as a clean profession and people betray others. Lack of trust and confidence among the buyers and sellers has discouraged property transactions in this city in the past.

– Security:
Law and Order situation have been a concern over the years but it has improved a lot recently.

Future Growth Prospects of Hyderabad Real Estate:

Despite of the above mentioned aspects, the property industry is now getting better and gaining interest of the people.

It is ideal to make your home in Central Hyderabad, areas surrounding it and places near to Thandi Sarak. A plot or home bought here has great potential and will give good profits in future.

Rapid modernization has been seen in this city with the construction of New Flyovers, Pedestrian Bridges, New Bus Terminal, Shopping malls and a new transport system has been introduced. All these projects have encouraged people to invest in this city with full confidence, as it has developed a lot in last some years. This city has many places for tourists, which has also increased the demand of Real Estate Industry.

You can find all types of property lands in this city, including commercial and residential plots, houses, etc.
With the advancement in technology, developments are done in all areas of this city. More and more people are ready to invest here. Some good Housing Schemes of Hyderabad are:

1- Ammar City.
2- Doctors Colony.
3- GOR Colony.
4- Gulshan-e-Abbas Society.
5- Mubarak Housing Society.

All these are ideal for living and investing and real estate dealers are very much confident that this sector will definitely boost more in near future.

Top Picks for Investment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the second largest and one of the most vibrant cities of Sindh, which has population of more than two million people. It is a very unique city, with great history. Hyderabad has many places to visit and it attracts tourists from all around the country. Hyderabad Real Estate industry has shown good growth over the last decade and future prospects are also very good.

Below are our top picks for potentially result-oriented investment in the beautiful city of Hyderabad,

1- GOR Colony
2- Doctors Colony
3- Ammar City

Problems Faced by Faisalabad Real Estate Industry and Its Future Growth Prospects

Faisalabad is one of the rapidly growing cities of Pakistan with great investment potential. It has seen launch of many quality housing schemes and some mega commercial projects over the last decade or so.

Problems Faced by Local Real Estate Industry:

During previous Governments tenure, this city has faced many challenges. Many developers constructed Housing Schemes but could not attract buyers. Energy crisis in this area was one of the major reasons for investing. It seems to be a risky business, and investors were not ready to invest further. Although it was an industrial estate, but due to lack of proper facilities, people were hesitate to invest here.

Finally after so many years, the trend changed and like other major cities of Pakistan, Faisalabad also got interest of the people.

Future of Faisalabad Real Estate:

In just three months, prices of property in this city have increased from 50% to 70%. The rates are rising at rapid phase and investors have huge hope.

They are confident and relaxed about the security issues. Many new investors and businessmen are pouring money into the sector, to utilize this wonderful opportunity. The new projects are launched and rapid developments are made in every society. Good locations for buying a home or for future investments are:

– Old City center.
– New City Center.
– Areas near all important road links.

It has a great potential and give high yields returns in future. Faisalabad has always considered as center of attraction for business lovers. It is among the populated cities of Pakistan. You can find all commercial and residential plots here. Beautiful luxurious houses are constructed in all societies, for elite class living.

The development is increasing day by day and coming years seems to be excellent for investment. It is the time, if you are planning to live in this city, buy your property now because it will be very beneficial for your future.

Although, this industry has faced few problems in last few years, but time has changed and now it is one of the developed and modern cities of Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? Faisalabad is among the best places of Pakistan.

Top Picks for Investment in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, the twin city of Islamabad is one of the fastest developing cities in Pakistan. It offers good employment opportunities and all facilities of life to its people. During last ten years or so, rapid development have been observed in Rawalpindi and its Real Estate industry is a billion dollar industry now.

Below are our top picks for potentially highly profitable investment in the rapidly growing city of Rawalpindi,

1- Bahria Town
2- Askari Housing Scheme
3- Chaklala Housing Scheme
4- Gulraiz Housing Scheme
5- PWD Colony

Attractive Housing Societies for Investment in Lahore

Umar Estate and Property Consultants

Lahore is one of the fastest growing cities in the world let alone Pakistan. And in this amazing growth, real estate sector is playing a very crucial role as it is attracting investors from both within and outside Pakistan. Lahore real estate has produced incredible results over the last decade and it is expected to do the same in coming years.

Below are some very attractive housing societies for potential high-return investment in the beautiful city of Lahore,

1- Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

2- Bahria Town

3- Valencia Town

4- Model Town

5- Gulberg

Ten Most Popular Residential Projects (Housing Societies) in Pakistan over the Last Decade

Umar Estate and Property Consultants

Pakistan is a developing country, which is doing great efforts for its economic stability. In last few years, it was facing property slump. Many property problems arose in Pakistan. Eventually a boom comes and the real estate sector is growing again, showing positive aspects in our economy. Various housing schemes are introduced which are luxurious and beautiful. Here comes the list:

1) Bahria Town:
It is the most successful housing project in Pakistan with it centers at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and ongoing projects at Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Sukkhur, Nawab shah and Peshawar. The success lies in the fact, that it is a perfect blend of traditional and latest amenities. Malik Riaz has given a luxurious lifestyle with a peaceful environment, which is none other than Bahria town.

2) DHA (Defence Housing Authority):
DHA society is basically for Army officers and it is built by Pakistan Army. The houses are well developed, modern and high standard. For the people who want modern and expensive living, DHA scheme is the best option. It has major projects in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It has lots of parks and markets.

3) Royal Residencia:
If you want comfortable, peaceful and modern environment, Royal Residencia is the answer. Affordability is the key to success of this Residential project. The planned construction, green surroundings and luxury, all comes in affordable price. It has variety of sectors which have 8-12 Marla houses.

4) Askari Housing Scheme:
Security, proper planning and excellent setup, all comes in one. It was first society built for retired Army officers, but due to its best security system, it is regarded as one of the best societies of Pakistan, as security is main issue now days. It has its projects at Lahore and Rawalpindi.

5) Faazia Housing Scheme:
It has modern luxurious lifestyle which provides innovative way of living. This scheme is created by Pakistan Air force [PAF]. It has its centers at all major cities of Pakistan.

6) City Housing Scheme (Gujranwala):
It is located at the prime location on Canal road with facilities like parks, Schools, Hospitals and markets. It has modern life style with full proof security system, which is perfectly managed.

7) Canal View Housing Scheme (Faisalabad):
It is located at the side of Canal with lush green landscape. It is also a top rated housing scheme of Faisalabad because of its peaceful, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

8) Eden Housing Scheme (Sargodha):
It is located on the By-Pass road, Sargodha, having all facilities of today’s lifestyle. Big Parks, Ideal markets and peaceful environment, makes it to get top position in housing schemes of Pakistan.

9) Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society:
It has its projects in Lahore, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. It has been constructed to facilitate the government employees.

10) WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society:
It has its centers in Lahore, Multan and Gujranwala. It is a well-developed society with lots of facilities in it.

All these residential projects have contributed a lot in raising our economy and to change the lifestyle of our citizens.